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Diamond Engraving Personal Items

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Many of your personal items such as watches, jewelry, knives, etc... can be etched and personalized.

What is Diamond Engraving?

Diamond Engraving is also known as “Scratch Engraving” or “Diamond Drag Engraving.”  This is because during the engraving process a diamond graver is dragged across the surface of the engraving stock to produce the etched engraving.  Unlike sublimation engraving material is actually removed from the stock to reveal an underlying color, or to scratch the surface leaving the engraved pattern.

Diamond engraving is permanent.   We do not guarantee we can engrave any items until we see them in person.   We also require a waiver to be signed when releasing your personal items into our care.  Smaller items and odd shapes or odd places to engrave may cause the item to come unclamped and result in damages.  We take exceptional care in your personal items but cannot guarantee every item will be risk-free.  That is a risk you are taking upon yourself.

Also, there are items that we do not engrave.  Here is a list: