On any given day, we have 25 - 75 jobs in queue. We process our orders in order that they were received and by due date. Every morning, we schedule our machines for orders that day. Each day our machines are scheduled out with orders. This is why we cannot normally complete order same day or while you wait. Once our orders have completed in the machines, they go to their finishing stage. Once complete, they go to their invoicing and notification stage. The process from receiving your order to notification can take 1-2 business days on most orders.

Complex orders or larger orders that need materials ordered in can take longer. Normally, acrylic awards need to be ordered in and take about a week to complete. If you have a larger order, it is a good idea to place your order 3 weeks ahead of the day you want to pick it up.


We schedule our machines for orders each morning. In order to accommodate same day orders or orders needed within 12 business hours, we have to stop our machines and delay orders that were placed ahead of you. Orders are processed in the order they are received. We are happy to accommodate cutting in line for an additional fee of $19.99 or 30% of the order, whichever is higher.